About Us


Kisutu, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania




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Youth Empowerment Initiative (YEI), a non-governmental organization (NGO), is dedicated to empowering and amplifying the participation of adolescents and youth across Tanzania. Registered in November 2021 under the number 00NGO/R/2509, our collaboration extends to both the government and the broader community. Our mission revolves around securing the well-being and development of children and young individuals. Through comprehensive approaches such as training, facilitating access to income-generation, and spreading awareness about youth rights and responsibilities, we pave the way for growth and self-reliance.

Our program objectives are designed to empower youth holistically, fostering education, economic independence, self-employment skills, responsibility, and community-driven development.

Our Uniqueness

Youth-Led Leadership

At YEI, youth leadership is paramount. With 90% of our senior management and 70% of our board comprising young individuals, our strategies and actions resonate with the needs of the youth we serve. This not only brings fresh perspectives but also breaks barriers to youth involvement in decision-making.

Empowering Women

YEI is led by young women, focusing on their empowerment. We advocate for women’s rights, addressing challenges like gender-based violence and child marriage. Our initiatives drive gender equality and uplift young women in Tanzania.

Holistic Approach

What makes YEI stand out is our comprehensive empowerment approach. We combine education, economic opportunities, vocational training, and rights awareness, fostering self-reliance and sustainable change among youth.

Advocacy for Youth

YEI is a fierce advocate for youth rights, following the principle “Nothing About Us, Without Us.” Our dedication ensures that every youth has a voice in decisions affecting their lives.


Youth Empowering Initiative is in partnership with Voice Global