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Youth Empowerment Initiative Organization (YEI)

Non-profit organization established to foster comprehensive development for the youth, with a particular focus on empowering young women, adolescent girls, and children

About YEI

Youth Education Initiative (YEI) was officially registered in November 2021 under the registration number 00NGO/R/2509. The organization collaborates with the government and the wider community to secure the well-being and development of children and young people. Their approach includes training, facilitating access to income-generating activities, and raising public awareness about the rights and responsibilities of youth.

Our Vision

To work together to build a safe, respectful and nurturing environment focused on maximizing each youth desire to acquire skills for life and learning.

Our Mission

To promote public awareness on the rights and duties of youth and other lawful activities as re incidental or conductive to the pursuit or to the attainment of Health and well-being development of youth.

Our Culture

Volunteerism , Accountability, Gender and Equity, Youth focused. It shapes our identity, fosters community, and inspires our future through art, hospitality, and shared values.

Our Programs

We offers a diverse range of impactful programs that cater to the holistic development of youth in Tanzania

Okotora (Anaweza) Project

The program focuses on providing educational support and empowerment to youth, especially those who have been deprived of education

Economic Empowerment and Skills Training

YEI's economic empowerment program aims to build the capacity of youth in the community to achieve economic freedom

Vocational Training and Mentorship

YEI recognizes the importance of vocational training in preparing youth for the job market and self-employment.

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Our Blog

YEI Blog, where we share stories of youth empowerment and transformation. Discover inspiring success stories of young individuals making a difference in their communities